Our Concept

Our Concept

Honest products of superb quality.

We emphasize mainly on organic and biodynamic wines.

We come at your place so that we can present our wines in your own relaxed environment where you enjoy the fact that life is good !

We tell you all you need to know about the products which habe in the tasting, we tell you about the region and local wine maker and how he/she succeeds in magically transforming the grapes into the heavenly liquid you tast in your mouth.

It is also possible to organise your tasting in our own cellars.

We mainly aim at wines and products from nearby countries.  You will not find wines that are produced in massive quantities in South Africa, Australia, Chili or whatsoever. We have to admit that also in th 'New World' they produce some very fine wines for a cheap price, but we do not  think it is very ecological to  have our pleasure between tongue and palate traveling several thousands of miles.

Besides this, they real 'pearls' often do not get exported to us, they keep them for themselves !

Our Trips

We are currently establishing an offering on the organisation of some short trips of 2-3-4 days to wine regions such as Champagne, Alsace, Bordeaux, ...


Not everybody has a suitable wine cellar at home in order to keep their own wine.  Often the cellar is alos too small, too moist, too hot or not stable, ... .  A ine fridge or cabinet can be a solution, but they als cost quite soem money and use not a little power ...

At Le Vin du Bâché we kan keep your wine in our cellar.  We do this in a separate room which evolves in a 'natural' way, which means that we do not use heavily electricity consuming devices. Through this, temperature and humidity evolve, but they are continuously monitored by digital loggin devices. With this, we learned from the past that the values never surpassed the limits.

So we do not keep the wine in an artificial or sterile way, but take care of good storage with a very low ecological footprint.

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