Our History


A big word for a small company that only exists since the beginning of 2016.

What is this 'Bâché' ?

A 'Bâché' is an abbreviation for the french words 'un véhicule bâché', in other words a vehicle with a tarpaulin.  With this name, we also honour our other hobby, which are french old-timer cars, e.g. a Peugeot 404 pick up.

It is exactly this type of vehicles that was used by the french farmers and wine growers for driving to and in the vineyards or to drive to the local market with their products and work tools.  This type of cars was easy to use, they had decent loading capacity, easy to maintain and relatively affordable.

Other examples were the: Peugeot 504, 403 en 203 'bâché, the well known Citroën 2CV and the Renault 4, ...

a Peugeot 404 bâché:

The quest ...

... and ... found it !

We have found our 'bâché' !  NOT a 404 but a more 'modern' and robust  alternative: a Peugeot 504 pickup from 1986.

We are now preparing it so that we can soon adopt it officially as a publicity vehicle !

Our 2 Peugeots 'brotherly' next to each other:

the white 504 bâché and the red 404 cabriolet

'Bob' and 'Céleste'

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