Dear (future) Supplier

First of all, forgive us the possible 'direct' tone of this page. Though due to the fact that we get daily (yes indeed, daily) requests from various winegrowers, wine merchants, ... we have to put some lines on the floor.

We are always happy to look into future ways of cooperating together, whether that would be in a normal buyer-supplier-relationship or more advanced so-called partnerships, agencies, ... we want to make a very strict selection in the wines we want to sell/represent and with who we want to work together.

So we will ask you upfront for quite some info, but please do not just send us to your website where we need to find and retrieve the data ourselves.  Of course we will check your website, but we are not going to spend our time on looking for specific items, which may not even be present there. (remember, we get daily requests like this, and our main time spend, should be selling wine !)

Here are some of our criteria and what we need from you:

  • First of all, we are about organic & biodynamic wines ! Only very seldom we make an exception to sell non-organic or non-organically certified wines. If you are not organic, but you believe your wine is of exceptional quality, please continue reading and tell us why we should consider your products, in other words, what would be your unique selling point ?

  • What type of cooperation are you looking for ? local shop/dealer, distributor/wholesale, agency, ...
  • We need you to provide as much information as possible on your winery/company (history, size, surface, owner(s), no. of employees, surface, production nos., financial state, other activities/products / markets and segments where you are active, ...  If already selling to Belgium: to who ?, ...)

  • You would need to think of which wine(s)/products you would like to sell to us and send us of each 3 bottles / packages: 

    • 1. the most recent vintage
    • 2. your best vintage of the last decade
    • 3. the worst vintage of the last decade
      (of course if the most recent vintage equals either 2. or 3. you can only send us 2 bottles.)

    • The reason why we are asking is to verify the craftsmanship, if in a bad vintage the wine is still OK, we can assume that you (or your employees/colleagues) are very good in their profession and can guarantee quality every year.

    • Bear in mind we will not pay for these samples, we will also not compensate for the transport !

  • For each wine/product we need a full (tecnical) description and we are not always happy with just the average B2C information or commercial leaflet information:
    • type of wine
    • appellation / sub appellation
    • blend
    • vineyard info, soil of the vines, orientation, slope, no. ha, ... (a Google Earth/Maps overview and/or coordinates with the plots would be handy)
    • the vines, no. of plants/ha, efficieny or amount of production per plant/ha, way of planting, age, trimming, pruning, pruneshapes, ...
    • harvest: when (period, daytime/night time, ...) how (manual, by machine, ...)
    • grape selection and destemming (when/how)
    • pressing, maceration, fermentation(s), other interventions: timings, temperatures, recipients (types and sizes, wood, inox, concrete, ...), natural yeast used, malolactic fermentation allowed, ...
    • ageing
    • filtration and clarification (how, when, additives used)
    • acidity level
    • (residual) sugar level
    • alcohol level
    • organic/biodynamic/vegan/... certificate(s)
    • your general description of the wine with your appreciation of tasting notes such as 'sight', 'nose', 'palate', foodpairing and drinking suggestions, conservation, ...
    • packaging  (type of bottle, available sizes, type of cork, no. of bottles per carton/box/crate/ ... )
    • labeling: EAN code avalaible ? personalization possible ?
    • basic pictures of the wine bottles, labels, packaging (boxes, ...)
    • no. of bottles / hl produced
    • any other info you deem interesting/helpful

  • Pricing and commercial conditions: we want your initial pricing and full commercial conditions:
    • full pallets
    • Assorted pallets
    • less than full pallets
    • discounts
    • consignment shipments/stock
    • commissions
    • representation fees

  • How will you support our sales ?
    • free samples ?
    • leaflets/posters/other materials ?
    • websites and social media ?
    • personal presence at wine tastings ?
    • (financial) participation on fairs & exhibitions, or other promotional actions, ...

We know we ask quite a lot of information and/or effort but we need this to ascertain ourselves that you are serious about this matter.  We cannot guarantee a positive outcome by placing an order, so we understand this can be a (small) financial risk for you.

On our turn we consolidate all this information and organize an internal tasting. We do this usually with some other wine enthousiasts like certified sommeliers and/or wine clubs and sometimes also with our customers. Afterwards we will send you our tasting notes which you can use freely as long as you make reference to the source.

Our tastings are typically grouped together so do not get worried if it takes a couple of weeks.  We will always get back to you, so no need to 'stalk' us.

In the possible event that you have convinced us with your quality and information and we have the physical and financial room to start collaborating with you, we will make a proposal for a first order and would than also require the following:

  • the most updated info on the respective wines.
  • high and low resolution pictures of the wine bottles, labels and if applicable medals. (Also make sure that medaled/awarded wines have actually the medal on the bottle, in case the wine gets a medal after being shipped to us, we would require you to send the medal so that we can add them.)
  • High and low resolution logo of your winery /company
  • Supporting pictures from the winery, vineyards, people

Thanks for reading this and Good Luck !